As a member of Lotka group leading and successful ‎shipping companies in Iran, trading in every field of marine transportation with ‎decades of experience in shipping industry.‎

Lotka Sepehr Pars Shipping Co.

Ocean freight department of Lotka Sepehr Pars Shipping Line handles sea shipments worldwide. ‎

Lotka Sepehr Pars is active throughout the global bulk market, working with owners, operators,…

Lotka Sepehr Pars Broker provides worldwide market coverage to a comprehensive customer…‎

Dedicated long term commitment
  • A strong dedication to quality of service
  • Proven financial integrity / Social standing in the local and international
  • Business generation / Upgrading of revenues
  • Logical & dynamic business analysis.‎
  • Tracking completion activities
  • Development of human resources
  • Continuous development / Upgrading of information technology to serve ‎
  • Own offices premises