About Us

Lotka Sepehr Pars shipping Co. Is a member of Lotka group leading and successful ‎shipping companies in Iran, trading in every field of marine transportation with ‎decades of experience in shipping industry.‎
We have maintained a strong presence in Iran’s shipping market and continue to ‎provide global transport solutions to our customers considering confidentiality of our ‎clients trading areas and safety of performing vessels as our priority.‎
A strong dedication to quality of service is what distinguishes and places us ahead of ‎our peers and we are proud of our expertise in handling of all types of vessels carrying ‎Containers, Bulk Liquid, Dry Bulk and General cargo.‎

Lotka team has more than 20 years experiences as agent of many Shipping lines like:
‎ Maersk, P&O Nedloyd, HDS, CMA-CGM,MSC,HMM, CSAV Norasia, ANL, MISC, KMTC, ‎ARC, and well experience in P&I Club and handling their own Feedering and own boxes. ‎Some of the shareholders of Lotka Group are Board Member of Shipping Association of ‎Iran (S.A.O.I) and having the experience to be the Chairman of Container Committee ‎located in Shipping Association for almost 7 years.‎

Member of:‎

  • Ministry of road and transport, port and shipping organization Islamic Republic of ‎Iran.
  • Shipping association of Iran.
  • Tehran Chamber of Commerce (commercial license)
  • Iran – Spain Business Council
  • Iran – Italy Business Council
  • Iran – Germany Business Council

Why Us?

Dedicated long term commitment
  • A strong dedication to quality of service
  • Proven financial integrity / Social standing in the local and international
  • Business generation / Upgrading of revenues
  • Logical & dynamic business analysis.‎
  • Tracking completion activities
  • Development of human resources
  • Cont‎inuous development / upgrading of information technology to serve
  • Own offices premises
Sales & Marketing
  • Well Experienced marketing staff
  • Service with innovation
  • Regular training programs
  • Tailor-made business solution to customers
  • Sophisticated Analysis of Trade Statistics
  • Meticulous reporting system
  • Customized reporting as per Principal’s requirements
  • Smooth Collection & Fund Transfers to Principals
  • Sound financial partner
Information & Technology
  • Dedicated communication Line to Principals
  • Dedicated communication line with Port operations & Authorities
  • Data Confidentiality
  • Workstations linked with Port Authority & Customs